In addition to manufacturing various seaweed derived products, Ocean Fresh hosts training and summer courses  collaborates with the Department of Aquatic Product Technology-Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science IPB , Bogor, Indonesia.

The courses and training are welcome for national or global participants. To be able to understand the system from farming, post harvest and processing, it is conducted at Kertasari beach, West Sumbawa.

The participants are provided with accommodation and meal during courses or training. The course is suitable for beginners or trainer. The topics include :

  1. The seaweed diversity and its uses for ingredients, food, cosmeceutics, others
  2. Seaweed farming and post harvest technology
  3. Integrated seaweed farming and agriculture, the use of seaweed and industrial effluent for fertilizer
  4. Practical works on seaweed farming and processing : food, batik coloring, cosmeceutical development
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