NoTitleSource Of FundPeriod
1Processing and Characterization of bath sponge and sponging for cosmetic and it production through maricultureMinistry of Education2009
2Model Development of biotechnological industry involving local community at P.Panggang and Binuangen Village (Banten), West Province IndonesiaMinistry of Marine Affair and Fisheris2008
3 Screening, Isolation and Identification topoisomerase inhibitor as anticancer target of Indonesian marine traditional medicinal organisms.Ministry of National Education. 2006-2008
4 Study of Bioactive Compounds from Indonesian Marine Invertebrates and their Sustainable Production through Mariculture.Ministry of Research and Technology2003-2005
5Study of Pilot Scale of Refined Carrageenan Production and Its Formulation as Food Additives.Ministry of Research and Technology 2003-2004
6Production of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid (Omega-3) by Marine Microalgae Porphyridium Cruentum Jakarta, IndonesiaMinistry of Agriculture1996-1997