About Us

CV. Ocean Fresh is a small-medium enterprises company that manufactures of marine polysaccharide (carrageenan, chitin, chitosan), marine bioactive compounds and their derivative products (food and personal care). Seaweed extract, chitosan and marine bioactive compounds are the key ingredient of our products. Seaweed extract includes Eucheuma sp, Sargassum sp, etc. Marine bioactive compounds cover Xylocarpus extract, Pandanus oil, marine protein hydrolysate, Solanum sp, etc. Traditional knowledge about marine and coastal organisms is the starting point to apply and formulate them in various personal care products.

The company Vision:

Sustainable utilization of marine natural resources through community based development of agribusiness and eco-technology.


Sustainable economic development of marine natural resources while conserving marine biodiversity through culture development and increase aquatic productivity involving coastal communities.

Objectives :

  • Community based aquaculture development of high value marine organisms
  • Implementing Zero waste technology to process marine natural resources (carrageenan, chitosan, various marine bioactive compounds)
  • Community based conservation of marine biodiversity
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